The first step is to gather information. Many
things need to be taken into consideration
when we design the look and feel of
your application, so we first ask a lot
of questions to help us understand your
business and your needs in an application.

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Drawing from the information gathered up
to this point, we determine the look and
feel of the app. Target audience is one
of the key factors taken into consideration
here. We also incorporate elements to
strengthen the identity of your company.

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This is where the product is created. We
take all of the individual elements from
the prototype and use them to create
the functional application. We also take
analyse advanced requirements in the
appropriate areas.

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At this point, we attend to the final
details and test your app. We test
things such as the complete functionality
of scripts, we test for last minute
compatibility issues ensuring that it is
optimized to be viewed properly.

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