Clienty – Customer Relationship Manager

Clienty is a Simple and convenient web based project management and time tracking tool for managing projects, setting tasks and monitoring your work. Clienty helps your company by providing all functions related to your client.

In Clienty you can create projects, estimates, invoices, tickets, etc , you can monitor that work,  you can sent invoices to client, also can send messages each other.


 Projects Management

Get your projects organized! Assign a project to your collaborators and let your clients see the progress of their work on their Dashboard.


 Task Timers

Track project and tasks time using the built in timer once you are done, you can stop the timer and your time will be logged automatically.


 Estimates & Invoicing

Prepare your invoices/estimates and send them as PDF to your clients via email.


 Ticketing System

Allow your clients to submit tickets, get emails alerts on response and assign tickets to departments.

 Bug Tracking System

What gets tracked gets improved! That means carefully tracking what needs fixing, fixing it and verifying that the fixes work.


 Multiple Language Support

Translate it to your own language. You can also share your translations and we’ll add it in upcoming updates.


 Projects Files Sharing

You can also share project files with descriptions across the system with your clients with email notifications.


 Recurring Invoices

Set CRONS and automatically email PDF invoices to your clients. You can stop recurring invoices anytime you need.