A Complete Vehicle ERP

Exilio Manage your rental car business easily and fast with Rent A Car solutions! Cyboz Technologies offers your esteemed car rental business it’s much needed tool. Exilio simplifies the processes involved in booking and managing rental cars

Exilio is an complete vehicle ERP. This comprehensive ERP optimizes your business processes and provides a single integrated solution for all aspects of your automotive organization.

Exilio ERP is designed to reduce your operational costs and increase customer satisfaction by preventing backlogs, optimizing both your fleet availability and vehicle servicing schedules, and in addition improving your data entry efficiency.


With Exilio a complete relationship between the customer and the company can be maintained.And also company can easily give full services to the customer.


Exilio helps to maintain the complete details of the car.This details will be seened by the customer and they get the complete details and they can compare them all and it helps to select a suitable vehicle for them


Exilio helps to make and maintain a perfect agreement between the company and the customer. Customer can easily view the agreement that he made with the company with full details.


With exilio they can maintain a perfect invoices for the customers. Customers can view the invoice   with full details and the company can check the status of the invoices.